Sadaf Gostar Delijan Company

Sadaf Gostar Co. started its operations in two phases of bitumen production and production of waterproofing (insulation) in 2004.

During these few years, the market has grown significantly with increasing production capacity and its share of the market, so that it has a significant activity in the field of import of raw materials and export of the product.

We are the only company that legally has the right to use Designed Foil and produce a Designed Foam.

The monopoly of this product is available to Sadaf Gostar Co. (through a patent). Sadaf Gostar Company has had the highest exports in rivals in the province of Markazi in the years 94 and 95. Currently, several official dealers in Sadaf Gostar Company are offering products in the country. Sadaf Gostar products are among the top brands in Iraq.

Product specifications: This product is packed in rolls. Each roll is 10 m long and 1 m wide (each roll is 10 m²) and weighs 40 kilograms and the thickness is 4 mm. The product should be kept vertically.

Production capacity:

The company is in a normal state of 6,000 million square meters annually, which, if needed, can be upgraded to 15,000 million meters.

This year, the company has increased its production capacity by making another production line and is ready to enter international markets.

Long-term outlook:

Given the government’s policy of opening the country’s borders and expanding trade with the world and increasing export volumes, companies have the advantage of exporting others to their products.

Sadaf Gostar Company has been working in this direction for many years and has achieved good success.

Sadaf Gostar Company is committed to expanding its market share by expanding and expanding its products and services in a quantitative and qualitative way in the whole of Iran and neighboring markets, and focusing on continuous exports and exports to various parts of the world and cooperation with companies The great international company-related products and services become a global brand.

This is due to the advantages of Sadaf Gostar Company which includes the following:

Information and knowledge of managers and personnel and their ability in the relevant field.

Concurrent attention to the quality, price, and needs of customers.

Collaboration with international trading companies.

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